RR Global

RR Global – a name that everyone knows since 1986. RR Global is a group having 7 different ventures in their basket. We have got the opportunity to work on one of their ventures. NAVTECH Wireless Pvt. Ltd; focusing on bringing the LiFi technology in the ASIAN market. In fact, it is a first company in Asia to be proven in the LiFi technology.
We have a produced a 3D Product Explainer video of their latest innovation which is LiFi enabled Smart Street Pole featuring an all-in-one solution for EV charging, Public WiFi, PA system, Emergency SOS, USB charging, Digital Touch Kiosk, Smart LED & many more.
The objective of creating the video is to aware the government about the facilities they can install in the smart cities concept.
Along with that, also take a sneak peak of the company profile presentation which we designed to fulfill their need.

Work Done:

  • Product Explainer Video
  • Company Profile Presentation
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